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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Air filters block dust, mold, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from entering and damaging your AC system. To extend your unit’s lifespan, you need to know when to replace the filters. Basic questions regarding this task include: How often should you change your air filter? What factors affect the filter change frequency? Continue reading to learn the answers.

Type of AC Filter

The filter’s material affects how often you should replace it. You can either buy fiberglass air filters or pleated air filters. Fiberglass is more affordable but can only last up to 30 days or less. The pleated air filter is more expensive because it is more efficient in blocking dust particles. Moreover, this can be changed every 90 days, depending on usage.

Kind of Pets You Have

Inspect your AC filters every month if you own furry pets. You’ll have a higher frequency of replacing air filters because they bring additional air contaminants to your home. Some animal companions shed and release hair and dander into the air. They can also bring dirt, mold, and other particles from outside that can stick to their fur. If you have a furry friend at home, consider changing the filter every 60 days or less.


If you or your family suffer light or moderate allergies, schedule your air filter replacement more frequently. Also, consider buying an AC with an air purifier to help filter allergy-causing airborne contaminants in your home. Using quality air filters will help you avoid symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and runny nose.

Level of Air Pollution

Outdoor air quality is likely poorer in towns, cities, and suburbs than in the countryside. Since there are more people and vehicles in urban areas than in rural ones, there are more dust, dirt, and smoke in the air. Air filters will clog much faster in the former, so you must inspect and replace them more often.

Learning the factors that contribute to how often you should change your air filter is crucial in keeping your AC unit in good working condition for a long time. Consider these elements, so you’ll know when an air filter replacement is needed.

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