What Is Ductless Air Conditioning? And How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, a ductless air conditioner, commonly called a mini-split, is a kind of AC system that cools air without using ductwork. The ductless setup allows the system to deliver cold air directly into individual rooms and spaces. Here are things you can learn about ductless air conditioning.

Three Main Parts of a Split Air Conditioner
The three essential components of a mini-split are the blower/evaporator unit, condenser, and conduit. Learn how a ductless AC operates by reading each part’s function.

1. Blower/Evaporator Unit
This component is the indoor unit mounted on the interior wall of the space it cools. Its function is to suck the warm air from the room. The heat and moisture are then absorbed before cold air is distributed back into the room.

2. Condenser
The condenser is the outdoor component of an AC system that takes the heat from the room and releases it outside.

3. Conduit
This part is a cable that connects and delivers electricity to the indoor and outdoor units. The conduit contains the refrigerant tubing, electrical line, and condensate drain. This component is also where moisture and heat from the blower/evaporator unit travel toward the condenser.

Benefits of a Ductless AC System
Here are some advantages of using mini-splits:
• Split air conditioners are more energy-efficient than ducted AC units. According to Energy.gov, ducted cooling systems can waste 20% to 30% of conditioned air due to duct leaks.
• Mini-splits are more easily installed than other AC types because they do not need installation or retrofitting of ductwork on your property.
• A mini-split system can cool several rooms because it allows you to install up to four indoor units that you can attach to a single condenser.
• The air handlers (indoor unit) have a flexible and versatile placement. The evaporators can be installed on the ceiling or near the top or bottom of the wall.
• With mini-splits, you can customize and control the temperature of each space independently.
• The ductless air conditioning unit is an excellent choice for people with allergies. Air filters of this system absorb contaminants like dust, pollen, dirt, and mildew.

Now that you’ve learned more about mini-splits, you might consider buying them for your residential or commercial properties. If you’re looking for an experienced HVAC contractor in Sioux City, IA, call Pinnacle Heating & Cooling for professional heating and air conditioning installation. Get in touch with us today!