Pinnacle Heating & Cooling: Signs You Need To Repair Your AC System in Sioux City, IA

You always want your home’s air conditioning system to constantly keep you cool, especially during the hot summer months. But just like any machine, your AC unit can encounter problems that may lead to its complete breakdown. Avoid getting to this point by fixing your AC system before it’s too late. Read on to learn what troublesome signs indicate that your air conditioner needs repair.

Cycles Frequently and Inconsistently
It’s normal for an AC unit to go through routine cycles to maintain the desired temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. A properly functioning air conditioner cycles for about 15 to 20 minutes, two to three times per hour. However, when your machine has frequent and irregular cycles, this may lead to your AC having a lower efficiency and a shorter lifespan.


Short cycling can be caused by a wrongly calibrated and/or installed thermostat, limited airflow, low refrigerant levels, and an oversized AC unit. If you have a mini-split air conditioner, frequent cycles can occur if it’s improperly installed. Whatever the cause may be, get in touch with an AC professional to deal with the problem.

Blows Warm Air
The main function of an AC unit is to cool down the temperature of a room by providing cold air and removing heat and humidity indoors. But when the vents start blasting warm air, this may be caused by a defective compressor or a constricted airflow. Either way, it’s time to contact an HVAC technician to resolve the issue.

Gives Off Unpleasant Odor
Something might be wrong with your AC when you smell strange odors coming from it. You might detect a burnt scent that can be caused by burned-out wires, overheating motors, or other electrical component failures. If you smell ether or chloroform, your unit is likely leaking its refrigerant.

Only skilled air conditioning specialists should handle your AC’s electrical problems and refrigerant leaks because these are dangerous to fix by yourself. Call an experienced HVAC expert immediately and have them inspect and repair your unit.

Makes Weird Noises
Your air conditioner always makes mild noises when it’s on. But when you start hearing strange sounds like clattering, hissing, buzzing, or gurgling noises, don’t ignore them. These may be signs that your AC unit is struggling to operate and that you need an AC expert to inspect the source of the racket.

Uses More Electricity
Air conditioners have a high electricity consumption, but if the unit works less efficiently, this may result in a higher electrical bill. The reasons for it include duct leaks, dirty air filters, low refrigerants, and malfunctioning motors, compressors, and capacitors.

Hire an Expert for Your AC Repair
Reach out to your local HVAC contractors immediately when you start to notice these AC problems. Don’t ignore them and wait until your AC unit is totally broken. If you need experienced professionals to repair your AC system in Sioux City, IA, contact Pinnacle Heating & Cooling. Call us to learn more about our commercial heating and air conditioning repair services.